Environmental Sustainability Program

Environmental Sustainability Program

by tmcscs

TMCSCS is committed to ensuring that all of our activities and practices place a consideration of the environment. We recognize the need to comply with all environmental legislation, preventing pollution, and continually assessing the environmental impact of all our activities.

TMCSCS has made a number of important commitments to our environment:

Environmental accountability has been assigned within the company at all levels; ultimate responsibility for the environmental responsibility of the company rests with the Director of Supply Chain Solutions.

The Company is committed to providing the necessary financial and personnel resources to fulfill the environmental policy.

The Company will comply with all relevant environmental legislation and where possible exceed these minimum requirements.

The Company will seek to incorporate environmental factors into decision-making processes at all levels, from strategy to operations.

TMCSCS has partnered with Republic Services in Fort Wayne Indiana to establish a Corrugate Recycling Program.  As of 2/01/2019 we have recycled more than 8 Tons of corrugate material.

 TMC has made a conscious effort to reduce the occupational carbon monoxide exposure by eliminating our propane  operated forklifts.  They have been replaced by electric models.

 This is a benefit to our environment and  our employees.


    We strive to create a great workplace!